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The Pennsylvania Retailers' Association is the premier retail trade association in Pennsylvania whose encompassing membership consists of small and large independent retailers as well as the national retail chains.

Founded in 1932, the PRA's mission is to:

  • Represent the retailing industry in the state's legislative chambers, protecting and promoting the welfare of those engaged in retailing.
  • Keep our members informed about laws and regulations affecting the retail industry.
  • Offer our membership money-saving services to assist them in growing their business.

In past years, the Pennsylvania Retailers' Association has been directly responsible for adding millions of dollars to retailers' bottom line.

Some of our notable successes are:

  • Four times have preserved the 1% sales tax vendors’ allowance retailers receive for collecting and remitting Pennsylvania’s statewide sales tax
  • Being directly responsible for enactment of Sales Tax Bad Debt Refund on uncollectible losses.
  • The repeal of Pennsylvania's Debt Collection Regulations, which were viewed as the most cumbersome in the nation.
  • Successfully establishing one the most retail friendly Accuracy in Price Scanning laws in the nation to help protect consumers and retailers alike.
  • Were successful in requesting Governor Corbett's Office and PA Department of Revenue to make a policy change to force internet-only retailers to collect and remit sales tax on purchases made by PA residents. Previously, those businesses enjoyed an unfair price advantage over traditional brick and mortar stores that collect sales tax. This change took effect September 1, 2012.
  • Continuing to be successful in our lobbying efforts against expanding Pennsylvania's Sales Tax to clothing and footwear.
  • Successfully passed legislation in 2011 that prohibited twice monthly sales tax filers to collect and remit bi-monthly beginning on May 31, 2011. PRA's language accelerates sales tax remittances, but does not require two filings.
  • Last session we passed legislation to lower the state’s felony threshold from $2,000 to $1,000 in dealing with retail theft.
  • We were the second state in the country to pass an organized retail crime law (ORC).
  • Have successfully assisted member store in securing tax incentives for locating and/or expanding in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Retailers' Association's building is located across from the State Capitol in Harrisburg. Please feel free to stop by and meet us personally.

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